An Awesome Responsibility

It happened two days in a row. C was frightened and she reached for me. My. Heart. Melted. Sure I was a little upset that she was scared, especially since one of the two times it was me vacuuming by her that made her upset, but I was also elated becasue she knows who I […]

Santa Brunch

So I wasn’t even planning on taking C to get her picture with Santa. But then I watched Miracle on 34th Street the other night and while crying at the end of the movie I changed my mind. The mall at Christmas time gives me hives, and going to the mall with me on any […]


When I go back to work I am going to miss 7-9 am. Cora wakes up around 7 am and I take her out of her crib and change her. Then I bring her into bed with me to nurse. Then we sleep and snuggle. Her little hand wanders around and will grab onto my […]

2 for 1 Holiday Special

Oh my goodness what a busy week. To busy for my liking. With only 25 more days left of maternity leave I need to slow things down and take time out to just stare at C so her beautiful face is imprinted in my mind when I am not with her. Which leads me to […]

My advice to all young girls who may want to have a baby one day

Start saving…NOW! Loose change, allowance, part-time jobs, save it all in a safe place in your room, or get a grown up to help you open a high yield online savings account. When you get older live within your means. Student loans are a necessary evil but stay in state so they aren’t as high. […]

What a difference a year makes

I was thinking I should do a Thanksgiving gratitude post. But then I was thinking that was a little bit cliche. A lot of thinking going on over here… And then I remembered that Cora was conceived on Thanksgiving weekend last year. So how could I not?! I am grateful that it only took us […]

Hurricane Baby Prep

I am running around the house getting lanterns out of closets, taking everything up off of the basement floor and nagging my husband to take in the lawn furniture. My husband, on the other hand is making cannelloni and banana bread and telling me to relax. I guess we all react to impending doom differently. […]

How my <3 grows

Some days I look at C and I think to myself that there is no way I could love this little girl anymore. Then the next day my heart somehow grows and I do. And this guy. Holy cow I love him too. Now I know what it means when people say that their heart […]

Happy 2 month birthday little one, here’s some shots!

My little girl is two months old. Two months! I can hardly believe it. It’s true, once you have a child time is measured differently. Yesterday we went apple picking and as I was pushing the stroller around I was thinking about how I wasn’t even pregnant last year when we went picking. We had […]

Words of Wisdom-Something Good

C had her tongue-tie procedure last week (more to come on that) and soon after had a new shrill, heart-breaking, blood curdling cry. Not sure if her mouth is in pain from the procedure, or if she is gassy because she is eating differently, or if she is a little under the weather or all […]